The actvity, started in 1991 by Anna and Stefano, still remains a point of reference for locals, venetians as well as for tourists in love with Venice. 
After 30 years of activity we still are a fixed point for our loyal customers, whom we always thanks.


from 9 am to 7 pm in the most affluent months

during the other months check the time displayed in the store or contact us

L'attività, iniziata nel 1991 da Anna e Stefano, rimane ancora un punto di riferimento

per lidensi, veneziani nonché turisti innamorati di Venezia. 
Dopo 30 anni di attività restiamo sempre un punto fermo per la nostra affezionata clientela,

che ringraziamo sempre.

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bicycle ride

John Fitzgerald Kennedy


You don't stop pedaling when you get older, you get older when you stop pedaling

- anonimo


A country is developed not when the poor own cars, but when the rich use bicycles and public transportation

-Gustavo Petra


Piazzale S. M. Elisabetta 2a - 30126 Lido Venezia (VE)


Booking online you can get a 1 euro discount on the daily rate on a single bike


Single bike price list

Double bike price list

1 hour

3,00 euro

1 hour

6,00 euro

2 hours

5,00 euro

3 hours

7,00 euro

4 hours

8,00 euro

9,00 euro

Over 4 hours till closing time

All day

25.00 euro

12,00 euro

Return after closing time within 10 pm

2 ore

12.00 euro


City donna monotubo uniq@

City uomo uniq@

City donna uniq@

 BONIN and BERNARDI accessorizes and spare parts


Telephone number: 0412760005


Mobile number: 3396823387



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